Two Quick Thrills

I try not to read two books by the same author in succession unless it’s a series, because there’s such a thing called ‘author fatigue’ for me. This happens when the books I read begin to sound just like the last one I’ve read of the author that I tend to become disinterested in reading any more books by the author.

It came as a surprise when I decided to delve right into ‘I Thee Wed’ right after ‘Wait Until Midnight’ by Amanda Quick. Both heroines are unconventional go getters who rely more on their wit than feminine wiles to survive and support their families. I have a soft spot for strong heroines, so Quick had no trouble reeling me in with these two books.

That said, both books deal with the some otherworldly fields of science — one with psychic research and the other with a mysterious cult that, amongst others, brewed a recipe for enhancing the female intuition. The element of suspense, the conflicts that comes with uniting lovers from different worlds were Quick trademarks that helped sustain the plot development, and made these quite enjoyable light-hearted reading.

After careful consideration though, I think I’ll keep ‘Wait Until Midnight’ but release ‘I Thee Wed’. IMHO, ‘Wait’ is the better book.


5 thoughts on “Two Quick Thrills

  1. Never read a Quick book…gotta check them out! I experience author fatigue, as well…experienced it with Liz Carlyle recently…had to switch it up a bit.
    I agree with Kristie…read DREAMING OF YOU. Sexy hero, intelligent heroine…humor…what more can you ask for???

  2. ag says:

    I went back to check my diary where I kept a list of all the books I’ve liked.

    Guess what? DOY is not in it!!! So, go ahead and put me on your hound list. I’ve marked it as TBR.

  3. I read all of Quick’s earlier books – loved ’em, loved ’em. But then she kind of fell off my radar – kind of around the same time JAK did – odd that *grin* I think I have one or two of her more recent ones in my TBR pile.

    And while I’m here…… Have you read Dreaming of You? I’m not quite sure – you didn’t mention that one – so before I add you to the list I thought I’d double check.

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