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Another week of rushing at work, but this time round with some results. With the newsletter out of the way, and one web editing assignment completed, I had some time to catch up on my reading.

Am very pleased to report good progress on my TBR pick for January – am about half-way through the book. Also, mid last week, I took advantage of a meeting with my girlfriends downtown to drop in on Borders. Managed to grab two books in the last half-hour before the store closed.

One of them is the Lisa Kleypas wallflower follow-up, It Happened One Autumn and the other is the latest Harry Potter instalment HP and the Half Blood Prince. Am now on a quest to find the first 3 novels printed with alternative covers to the kiddish ones.

Also, a weekend trip to the local library introduced me to Sandra Brown’s Love Beyond Reason and nostalgia made me pick up Judith McNaught’s Once & Always. I liked Something Wonderful and a girlfriend recommended Whitney, My Love some time back. I may just start reading her books again. I do need some romanctic suspense and category romance books for two of the theme months.


Hmmm … these should last me through the coming long weekend when the Lunar New Year festival comes ’round.


4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. ag says:

    Will let you know if I love Once & Always.

    I’m actually tempted to save IHOA until l get Devil in Winter so I can read them back to back, cos these two are about the Bowman sisters.

  2. It’s kind of neat that you are only getting IHOA now. It won’t be as long a wait as the rest of us have had for the next one now if you like IHOA.
    And Once and Always is my favourite McNaught. Granted I haven’t read it lately so it might not stand the test of time, but I sure loved it when I first read it, and the second time, and the third time…..

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