Home for the Holidays

Belated holiday greetings! Hope you’ve had a lovely time.

Have nothing much to report save that we stayed home for the Christmas weekend as my daughter came down with fever on the eve. Am ashamed to confess that I didn’t manage to do much reading. However, we spent the weekend watching videos, some of which are my favourites.

We had planned to catch the movie The Chronicles of Narnia which is showing in local cinemas, but her illness prevented us from venturing out of the house. Just as well, as it poured the entire evening of the eve, so it was no great loss staying in to watch videos of our Gold Coast holiday. That night, after tucking the kids in, we watched The Two Towers from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, having already seen The Fellowship of the Rings the weekend before.

Christmas Day dawned bright and sunny, and the sun shone fiercely throughout the day. My son was chafing a little at being kept indoors, but we managed to provide him with some diversions, this time with the first two Harry Potter films.

Today, we continued with the Prisoner of Azkaban, which piqued my husband’s interest and made him curious about the Goblet of Fire that is now showing only in selected screenings. Hopefully, we’ll get to show him what he’d missed.

Still, it was a rather satisfying way of spending Christmas … being home for the holidays with the ones you love.