Dedicated to Jane

Friday the 16th being Jane Austen’s birthday, I dedicated the day to her by starting on her most famous novel — the unabridged Pride and Prejudice.

Ended the evening watching the BBC/A&E production of P&P starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I should mention that the previous weekend, I took off to the cinema to watch P&P2005, the movie starring KK and MM (as the ladies over at Austen Blog would write). Watching the latter after reading all those reviews I mentioned in my post on the movie, I went in with an open mind and found myself quite enjoying it. Just turn a blind eye to the liberties taken with plot, characterisation and the period costumes and you may do just fine. Although I must say that the last bit where KK and MM shared a kiss at the end is totally the imagination of the director’s, and doesn’t sit well with a lot of Janeites and book purists.

Time magazine did a wonderful comparison in their article on Books vs Movies if you’d like a low-down on other movie adaptations of famous novels now showing.