Pride & Prejudice on the big screen

I stumbled across this delightful news quite by accident 3 days ago. The newest version of one of the most adapted novels by Jane Austen has premierred in London already!! I’m in a bit of a huff because the promotional machine for the latest ‘Pride & Prejudice’ movie starring the lovely Keira Knightley (I love her performance in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’) and Matthew Macfadyen, directed by Joe Wright, has not gone full steam in this part of Asia yet. But I’ve already caught the fever.

'Pride & Prejudice' on the big screen

'Pride & Prejudice' on the big screen
You may groan at yet another adaptation of Austen’s most loved novel of Elizabeth Bennet’s journey to love, but the BBC series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle received very favourable reviews. I was introduced to Colin Firth through that show and had been following most of his films. He was absolutely brilliant as Mr Darcy in that series … just check out the cover of the dvd.

Now this updated adaptation had Brian Orndorf (Oh My News) singing high praises for the film, and that’s not all. Jack Foley over at indieLondon has this to say about Joe Wright’s directorial effort:

Wright’s movie bears all the hallmarks of a classic English period drama, gleefully exposing the folly of the class system while presenting audiences with another affair to remember. It is a sumptuous and frequently breezy experience that works on several levels, providing something for audiences of every generation to enjoy because of the way it embraces traditional values.

and of the film:

… Wright’s movie provides near-perfect escapism that succeeds in whisking audiences away to a bygone era and a different set of values.

It proves that when told properly, Austen’s classic love story – which still sells in excess of 100,000 copies a year – has lost none of its power to seduce.

His full review is here, together with interviews with the cast and director. The film is scheduled for release here only in Jan 2006 (oh no!!), so in the meanwhile, I’ll be visiting the official website every now and then until the movie comes to town. The music is so soothing and dreamy, and there’re loads of trailers, downloads, interviews and other news to keep you occupied. And if the recommendation from Brian and Jack aren’t enough to convince you to go see the movie, check out these other reviews.

I know I’m going to watch the movie, come hell or high heaven, whether the critics love it or not. This is a remake of one of my most favourite books and nothing’s gonna stop me from catching a movie adaptation of it. To quote Jane Austen,

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, and love to matrimony in a moment.”