An ‘After Midnight’ Tryst with Teresa

Teresa Medeiros really nailed this one, her maiden attempt at supernatural romance although it’s set in Georgian London. I couldn’t put it down!!

An ‘After Midnight’ Tryst with Teresa

Right after that post on the diversions along my Austen quest, I delved into this romantic suspense thriller that is part inspired by Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Teresa confessed her fascination with the hunk in Squawk (hint: scroll down this page until you come to the picture of a soulful looking James Marsters) – and stayed glued to the book. That is, until my other half came out at 3am to drag me to bed, so I managed to catch four-hours of beauty rest before hot-footing it to the office, all bleary eyed and half awake. Thank God for tea that day!!

‘After Midnight’ is refreshingly different from Teresa’s previous Regency romance yet she has imbued the story with her trademark sense of humour and very believable characters. The heroine, Caroline Cabot, leaves a deep impression as a feisty, protective and highly inquisitive protagonist who gives as good as she takes. The dark and broody hero, Adrian Kane, is a hypnotic force to reckon with. So much so he threatens to overshadow the plot.

Teresa sure knows how to keep readers tripping along in suspense. The plot twists pounce upon you at unsuspecting, nail-biting moments. Especially towards the end, when a chase after a real vampire leads them to the Kane family crypt where they discover the true nature of Adrian’s brother, Julian. You can tell Teresa is really taken with vampires and slayers, the book is peppered with puns and metaphors of vampirism, even the steamy scenes were described with words such as ‘impaled’, ‘stake’ and ‘drive’.

Always a sucker for suspense, great plotting and strong characterisation, Teresa had me so hooked on this otherworldly tale that I’m already looking forward to the sequel. Read this book at the risk of sleeplessness. You’ll be sorely tempted to stay up all night just to uncover the truth about Adrian Kane!

O wild and wondrous midnight,
There is a might in thee
To make the charmed body
Almost like spirit be,
And give it some faint glimpses
Of immortality.
~James Russell Lowell, Midnight

As always, where else do I find inspiration for such quoteworthy verses than in The Quote Garden.