The Indiscretion

What happens when you give in to your heart’s desire and commit a grand indiscretion that you thought no one will never need to know, only to have it come back to haunt you?

This was the premise of The Indiscretion by Judith Ivory and I must say her plot works well for her two protagonist whose two different worlds collide when their one night of passion caught up to them. I’m no stranger to Judith Ivory’s lush lyrical style, having first got to know her when I read Sleeping Beauty some years ago. So, it felt kinda good getting reacquainted with her.

The Indiscretion

In that novel, she matched a worldly ex-courtesan with a younger man, an upcoming archaeologist knighted and feted in his own rights. This time round, she’s paired off a strait-laced English beauty (Lady Lydia) with an upstart, wild American millionaire (Sam Cody) who’s in England on a diplomatic mission.

They first squared off on the desolate dartmoors when the coach they were travelling in, as strangers, collided and crashed into a bog. In a bid to survive, the two grudgingly pooled their wits and resources to keep themselves alive while looking for rescue. Over the course of three days, they slowly grew to admire and then desire each other, ultimately giving in to a night of unbridled passion thinking that they would go their separate ways after and never see each other again.

At least, Lydia thought so. Now, our dear hero was smitten hard and decided to pursue her once he’s returned to civilisation. What ensued is a daring courtship that is fraught with misunderstandings. But all’s well in the end when Sam finally learnt that baring his soul and taking a chance on his heart may be the biggest pay-off he will ever receive.

Ivory handled the emotional intensity and internal conflict within each protagonist superbly. The pace was just right, without wasting pages and time in introducing other distracting subplots. Very easy reading in that sense … and a great diversion from Emma.

I’m about halfway through the latter, so cheer me on, will you? And if you’re die-hard romance fan, I’d recommend this book. You won’t regret it.

To risk one’s heart on love is the most dangerous gamble of all ..
(Cover quote)


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