Pandora, The Selkie and a Switcheroo

I’ve short-listed a few more books to be released in the next two weeks and these are:

1. ‘Switcheroo’ by Olivia Goldsmith: this funny though frothy book has hilarious twists and some solemn moments that kept me entertained, and at turns reminded me of the most basic human emotion and its immense power to heal — Love. Read the journal entry on Bookcrossing .

2. ‘The Selkie’ by Charles Sheffield and David Bischoff: a rather disturbing tale of the mysterious half human half seal supernatural being that has pervaded Scottish folklore since time immemorial, and how one woman was lured into surrendering more than her will to this dark and terrible figure. Journal entry tells you more.

3. ‘Pandora’ by Jilly Cooper: this novel is a riot, I’ll tell you. I’ve read Jilly Cooper’s ‘Riders’, ‘Rivals’ and ‘Polo’- all set in the competitive world of show-jumping. And enjoyed them tremendously. She doesn’t hold back on her language, and her narrative is very tightly paced, so it’ll be a good jaunt through the pages before you realised you’re hooked. And I adore the suave Rupert Campbell-Black and the kind-hearted Taggie he marries, the two central characters in this series. ‘Polo’ is a little more intense but I guarantee that you won’t be bored with Jilly. Her wicked prose and raunchy plot keeps you entertained. Look up her bibliography for her other great works.

‘Pandora’ takes the reader to the world of art. It’s about two families’ obsession with the painting of Pandora by Raphael, which has been in the possession of the Belvedons for 50 years. Then a stranger showed up claiming to be a long-lost daughter of the family, and this sparks off a tussle amongst the three B brothers. Accompanying this unwelcome addition is her glamorous boyfriend, who seems to have an unhealthy interest in the family’s prized painting, rousing the suspicions of the Belvedon’s only natural daughter, Sienna.

When Pandora was stolen during a house party, the family members set out on a hunt that will take readers to Vienna, Geneva, Paris, New York and London (the notable art capitals of the world, of course!). Will the painting be restored to its rightful owner? I’m keeping mum here… you’ll have to go catch the book and read it!

Geez, I’ve actually reproduced the entire journal entry here … no prizes for guessing which amongst these three is my favourite. And so, it’s only fitting that I leave you with this quote from Jilly.

The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness, can be trained to do most things.
~ Jilly Cooper