It’s in Her Blood

There’s no doubt that romance writing is in Julia Quinn’s blood. She has proven yet again, with ‘It’s In His Kiss’ what a prodigious talent she is!! No wonder she’s been hailed as the contemporary Jane Austen by Jill Barnett.

It’s in Her Blood

Once again, the setting is elegant London and this is Hyacinth Bridgerton’s 3rd season. She has already rejected six proposals for her hand, but seems to be in no hurry to find a man to settle down. So, of course, someone has to look out for her. Enter the endearingly meddlesome Lady Danbury, who decides to pair off her grandson Gareth St. Clair with Hyacinth … and succeeds of course. With thanks to the discordant Smythe-Smith sisters for providing the perfect excuse for Lady D to bring the pair together at their musicale.

The plot maybe straightforward, but the surprises, her spry prose and the yearning to see how she brings about two stubborn hearts kept me turning page after page, devouring the entire story in a feverish 10 hours. My fastest yet, I think. By the end of the first chapter, I was totally bowled over by our heroine’s witty repartees, and our hero’s ironic humour.

She has created yet another two indelible characters, who are well matched for each other. One is ‘fiendishly smart and devilishly outspoken’ while the other is equally quick witted and exasperatingly private about his feelings. I love the way Julia pits their intelligence against each other — the scenes where they argue and expound on their own theories, trying to convince the other that their method of uncovering a hidden treasure are the most enjoyable ones. None of that cliche play of words, their exchange of opinions is more like battles of wits.

I’m definitely looking forward to the adventures of the last of the 8 Bridgerton siblings. Julia just keeps getting better and better. And I kept getting diverted from the last Shopaholic tale and my own Austen reading quest. sigh …. so, in tribute to the Smythe-Smiths,

If music be the food of love, play on.
— William Shakespeare