Unravelling the mystery of Freya

The mystery ended for me yesterday when I read the final email from the creators of The Daughters of Freya.

I went through three weeks of suspense and intrigue via email to experience this who-dun-it that Michael Betcherman and David Diamond have chosen to deliver digitally, and boy it was worth every penny of the US$4.99 that I paid. There was a hint of voyeurism in the way you accidentally stumble across emails sent between the central characters of the mystery.

For the clueless, Daughters is one of the major breakthroughs in the online writing community. Michael and David has chosen an excellent genre to deliver their story. And what a story it is … there’s a cult, murder, hi-tech crime and a little car-chase drama involved, althugh you get to read some parts of the news secondhand through external links. (Am not going to give away the story here so if you wish to read a synopsis, go to the plot site). There were times when I was so immersed in the story, as the story occurs in real time, I wished I could jump right in and email the heroine to share my suspicions and theories with her.

Unlike some of the readers who read the emails as they’re delivered, I chose to accumulate and read the emails every other day, breaking this only one weekend — because the last email ended on a cliffhanger!! I think it intensifies the pace a little and helps me to connect with the flow of the plot better. Yeah, there were a couple of times when the obsessive need to check my gmail inbox was almost hard to resist. The time difference between continents kind of helped. By the time I’m home from work, the day’s instalments would already be delivered to my inbox.

I think the creators may have found a solution to overcome some of the challenges posed by earlier eBook experiments. This may mark another milestone in the evolvement of literature, and I’m so very excited about this development.

Checking your emails will never be the same again. I for one am looking eagerly forward to their next experimentation in fiction. My thanks to Stefanie Hollmichael, who blogs So Many Books, for the recommendation.

“It is what you read when you dont’ have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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